IT Staffing

Permanent Staffing

A2H provides companies with permanent staff to meet their diverse talent needs and specifications. We follow rigorous processes to ensure that only the most suitable, capable, experienced, and skilled candidates are hired so they can seamlessly integrate into the client organization and work collaboratively to achieve business goals.

Temporary Staffing

You can connect with us for your temporary staffing needs. We understand the unpredictability of assignments, roles, and business plans. Sometimes short-term hiring is the only viable way forward. And clients often want the flexibility to convert a temporary or contract staff into a permanent hire if and when the business mandates it.

We can help you build your team without the commitment of absorbing them long term. Whether it’s a small team or an entire department you need to set up, you can count on A2H Technologies LLC for qualified and experienced temporary staff – on time, and within budget.

Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

In the global business context, organizations are thriving by leveraging talent from every corner of the world with one strategic goal in mind – optimization. How do you build teams with the right talent, skills, experience and delivery capability without the huge costs often involved!

Strategic offshoring often holds the answer to this daunting challenge. A2H Technologies LLC leverages a network of talented teams offshore to enable precisely this combination of relevance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness!

We can construct a remote IT team configured just as you need it; and they can operate as a complete distinct team or as an extension of your existing teams to seamlessly deliver on your business goals.Our deep understanding of offshore talent, niche skills, cost structures and cultural working intricacies enables us to manage these teams efficiently and manage the risks involved in offshoring.We have the right model for the recruitment process that will match candidates with your needs at the right cost and timeframe. Successful candidates will report to your project managers and follow mutually agreed on work schedules and working norms. Smart IT Frame will handle everything from the logistics, payroll, benefits, statutory requirements and offshore management support for every member of your extended teamWith the abundance of IT talent at our offshore locations, we are geared to support you with your most generic or niche skill requirements; enabling significant strategic advantages for your business.

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Executive Search

A2H Technologies LLC Frame provides specialized recruitment services targeted at bringing senior-level employees and executives into your organization. We map suitable profiles based on a variety of parameters from the basics of skills and experience to more specific industry relevant elements and your own culture-fitment expectations.

Our expertise with full-cycle recruitment enables us to handle the process from competency mapping to negotiations, candidate support and client stakeholder management.

A2H Technologies LLC’s executive search helps clients take their businesses to the next level without overstretching the existing workforce.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We can cater to your recruitment processing by acting as an extension of your HR function; providing a holistic hiring service.

A2H Technologies LLC’s RPO functions exactly like a clients’ HR or hiring department; bringing a well-crafted process for excellent talent acquisition spanning